37 Geckofest photos that make you love Gulfport


Who doesn't love them some good, old-fashioned wacky at Gulfport's annual GeckoFest? Take a romp down memory lane with these photos from Gecko Season — that's GeckoFest, GeckoBall, GeckoCrawl and GeckoArtShow. Gecko Season (yes, that's really what Gulfportians call it) ends after Saturday, Sept. 1's annual GeckoFest storms the town. The annual GeckoFest, sponsored by the Gulfport Merchants Chamber but embraced by the city of Gulfport and pretty much the entire damn town, only comes once a year, so head to Gulfport tomorrow (we suggest remote parking and using the city of Gulfport's free trolley; follow the signs) and get your Gecko on.

| Photos by Cathy Salustri