A Florida house with a giant ‘handmade cat jungle’ is on the market for $275K


An extremely cat-friendly house is now on the market in Florida.

Located at 419 S 24th Ct., in Hollywood, the 1,250-square-foot home was arguably designed by house cats. "If you are a pet lover, you have an option of keeping a hand made cat Jungle," says the listing. Of course, it's not just a handmade cat jungle, almost every square inch of communal space in the home seems to feature some sort of custom-built feline apparatus, including platforms, rope ladders, catwalks, scratch posts and various hidey holes.

But there's also room for human stuff. The house features two bedrooms and one bathroom, as well as a newly renovated bathroom and "an adorable kitchen to cook hot meals."

This incredibly purrfect house is currently asking $275,000 and the listing agent is Jewell Dixon of Signature International.

Photos via Zilliow