All it took was Tom Brady splitting open his pants to unite this torn country


Yesterday, after getting roasted into an oblivion by Charles Barkley, newly minted Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Tom Brady sank a once in a lifetime birdie from 150 yards out on the 7th hole during a charity golf match, and as he bent over to pick up the ball his pants ripped right down the intergluteal cleft, a unifying moment that has brought the world together when we needed it most.

This is what sports is all about, folks–us, the fans, enjoying the ripped pants, and Tom, the true sportsman that he is, joking on Twitter that perhaps his pants wanted in on "socially distancing."

Yes, for a brief moment, politics, disease, war and all the other trials of human existence ceased to exist, and through the darkness a light appeared in the frayed asscrack of 6-time Super Bowl champion.

Sure, Brady and his partner Phil Mickelson may have lost “The Match: Champions for Charity” to Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods, but no one really cared. Everyone was a winner. The charity outing did raise a staggering $20 million for COVID-19 relief efforts, but the history books will more than likely remember the eternal image of Brady's torn Tompa Bay that subsequently launched a million tweets.

Thank you, Tom.

What follows are some of the better Twitter reactions to the year's best sports moment.