Florida’s ‘haunted’ Sound Rock Castle is now for sale


A literal castle with a history of ghost stories is now on the market in Florida.

The "Sound Rock Castle," located at 55 Oceana Drive in Key Largo, was built in 1924 and was just the second home in the area, and is now the oldest remaining home in Key Largo. According to the Historical Preservation Society of the Upper Keys, the castle was designed with 3-foot deep walls made with native coral rock, and was originally the home of New  Jersey dentist Dr. George Engel. Despite being completely flooded during the devastating Labor Day hurricane of 1935, the home survived, and Engel lived there until his death in 1945.

The house remained vacant until the family of local attorney and politician Jeff Gautier purchased it in 1952, and in that time period it garnered a hefty reputation as being haunted.

Two cottages were added to the parcel in 1943, and are included in the sale. In total, the estate comes with seven bedrooms, five baths and 4,200 square feet of living space.

The current asking price is $1,550,000, and the listing agent is BJ Born of Real Estate Sales Force, Inc.

Photos via Zillow.com