Food Not Bombs Tampa feeds the homeless on New Year’s Day


Tampa's chapter of Food Not Bombs continued its nearly two-year tradition of feeding the less fortunate at Lykes Gaslight Square Park in Downtown Tampa on New Year's Day.
Ringing in the New Year and continuing the organization's ritual of offering hot and cold meals on Tuesday mornings and Saturday afternoon, Tampa Food Not Bombs served hot quiche, oatmeal, coffee, bananas, granola bars.
When the food ran out for the approximately 45 people served, volunteers dashed to a local store and purchased bread, peanut butter and jelly. For many clients, Tuesday's 8 a.m. meal is the only hot meal they will receive — perhaps for days.
Though many clients were friendly and shared their stories (many heartbreaking), several were shy and humble so privacy was respected.
Tampa Food Not Bombs' Mission Statement: "We provide mutual aid survival programs assisting the houseless and hungry, and stands in opposition to the violence of war and poverty."

01/01/2019 | Photos by Kimberly DeFalco

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