‘Literally the worst house on the street’ is now for sale in Tampa Bay for just $69K


In a hall of fame property description, a Tampa Bay realtor is selling "Literally the worst house on the street."

According to listing agent Philippa Main of Future Home Realty, it took seven dumpsters to clean up this three-bedroom, one-a-half-bathroom home, which is located at 37913 Avoca Ave., in Zephyrhills.

"The roof leaks, the floor creaks, and there's a terrible draft," writes Main, who adds that the home is an open concept, "and by that we mean the inside is open to the outside because several of the windows are broken."

Honestly the whole listing is just one joke after another. At one point she rips on the fact that the house has a chimney, but no fireplace. "Oh and don't forget about the brick chimney that perfectly epitomizes how we all feel after 2020 - about to collapse and going nowhere (literally, there is no fireplace inside the house)." In another joke, Main points out that the kitchen's best feature is the fact it has a window.  "There is a large, sunny window in the kitchen... and absolutely nothing else - a wonderful feature for someone interested in a bright reading space (and ordering take out for every meal)."

Main ends this all-timer listing by begging any potential buyers to rip it down. "And if you're not interested in crying yourself to sleep every night while you rehab this home, might we suggest tearing it down and building a brand new one in its place? The neighbors would likely thank you."

The home is currently is asking $69,000, and there's actually a pending offer.

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