Now’s your chance to finally own a Tampa Bay strip club


It's fun to imagine owning a strip club—coming up with those weirdly perfect door busters specials, you know like "Sizzlin Saturdays: Steak dinner and a lap dance for just $5," then getting on the loud speaker and reminding a room full of dudes of this incredible deal in between pole dance routines from your employees, who also have fantastic stripper names like Fantasia Mist and Diamond Sands.

"Don't forget, folks, it's Sizzlin' Saturday, which means a three ounce sirloin and a lap dance can be yours for just $5, now give it up for Fantasia Miiiiiist." *"Blow the Whistle" by Too Short starts playing*

Well, now's your chance to live this dream, because a fully operational and fully liquor-licensed strip club is on the market in St. Petersburg.

Located at 4900 66th St. N, technically the club is operating as two strip clubs, Turbo Ultra Lounge and Main Attraction. So, it's really a twofer. Overall, the entire 6,937-square-foot stripper complex comes with two full service bars, two dance floors, a large main stage, two DJ booths, a cooler for cold storage, and it even has a drive up window for liquor package sales.

Currently the asking price is $2,200,000, and the listing agent is Tom Collier of Leslie Wells Realty.

Photos via Zillow