PHOTOS: Climate activists rally at Tampa City Hall to shed light on impending ‘code red for humanity’


Last Friday, around 70 climate activists gathered outside of Tampa City Hall to participate in a global climate strike that took place in cities across the world. The activists called on local, national and federal officials to address the climate crisis before it’s too late.

Last month, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released its sixth assessment report, which warned that climate change is now a “code red for humanity.” The report calls for acting with an urgency never seen before to address climate change. Climate groups in Tampa Bay and around the world responded to this call on Friday. 

During the event, protesters rallied peacefully outside of city hall with signs calling attention to the crisis. Speeches were made that demanded elected officials take action to move away from fossil fuels and toward green energy.

While the event was organized by a diverse coalition, young people played the biggest role in putting it together. 

“As youth, we have the largest stake and we can no longer be silent,” said Anisa Nanavati, an Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE) organizer. “In Tampa, we are seeing the effects of climate change first hand and the future of our city is at stake. I want a world where my four younger siblings and future generations can enjoy the place that we call home.”

Youth in Sunrise Plant High School, Food and Water Action, and the Tampa Bay Climate Alliance co-hosted the strike with Florida Indigenous Rights and Environmental Equality, ACE, the Tampa Party for Socialism and Liberation, and the Cleo Institute.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor even showed up to the event and was confronted about her controversial crime-free multi-housing program, which has flagged around 1,100 renters for eviction over the past eight years- 90% of whom were Black. The protesters demanded that she end the program and called on her to resign.—Justin Garcia

09/24/2021 | Photos by Dave Decker