Photos from the ‘lawncert’ live music series in Tampa’s Rivercrest neighborhood


Seth Lynn is one of Tampa Bay’s most unique live acts, and on Sunday he showed Tampa’s Rivercrest neighborhood just why.

“Anyone here seen a harp played live before?” he asked a crowd gathered on a front lawn and across the corner of N River Boulevard and W South Avenue. “Not the way you do,” someone shouted back.

It’s true. As part of Katara Trio, Lynn performs with the multi-levered instrument—which he first learned about when he was a student at East Ybor magnet school Phillip Shore—at his right side and a dual-keyboard and sampler set up to his left. The compositions could definitely fall into jazz, but they’re sprinkled with flourishes that’ll intrigue fans of both pop and J Dilla, too. The trio—featuring Natalie Depergola on drums and John Shea on bass—has another show on  Thursday, Jan. 28 at Labyrinth Studios just a few blocks away from the "lawncert" venue.—Ray Roa

01/17/2021 | Photos by Michael M. Sinclair