Proud Boys marched through downtown Tampa flashing ‘white power’ symbols last weekend


Over the weekend, groups around the world rallied against coronavirus lockdown measures, and Tampa did not sit on the sideline.

A “Worldwide Freedom Rally” marched through downtown on Saturday—the same day Florida reported a 60% increase in coronavirus cases—to roughly say that broader social benefits weren’t worth the inconvenience of masks and vaccines. Other messages on the demonstrators' minds: Trump won, free “political prisoners” (aka insurrectionists), and, of course, don’t tread on me.

And making sure the Tampa march was noticed were a handful of Proud Boys, many masked, walking with the rally and brazenly flashing white power signs. Public displays of white supremacy have become more frequent in Tampa this year, so Creative Loafing Tampa Bay reached out to the City of Tampa to see if there is more to say than “hate has no home here,” but the city’s new communications director declined to comment.—Ray Roa

07/24/2021 | Photos by Dave Decker