Tampa photographer Dave Decker shares the images from 2020 that moved him the most


This year forced everyone to change, and while Dave Decker’s energy level, enthusiasm and heart never dipped in 2020, the Tampa-based photographer’s lens did shift its focus from concerts and portrait work to protests—from Tampa Bay to Portland—that ignited over the summer and still simmer today. Decker’s deep care for the folks in front of his camera inspired me in 2020, and it allowed Creative Loafing Tampa Bay to write so many of the stories this year. Without Decker, so many of those voices would undoubtedly have never been heard. I wish we lived in a world where Dave didn’t have to cover social injustice, but I think we’re in a better position to speak out against it because he’s out there to put the action on film. Here are some of his most powerful shots of 2020. —Ray Roa