Tampa’s 1939 ‘Superock’ model house is now for sale in Seminole Heights


Used in a display ad from 1939, the original "Superock" model home in Tampa is now for sale in the Seminole Heights' historic neighborhood of Hampton Terrace.

Located at 1215 E. Clifton St., the home is just a handful of "Superock" concrete homes built in Tampa in the late 1930s and early '40s. The term "Superock" was just the marketing angle for a limited line of homes built almost entirely out of concrete, including a concrete roof supported by fabricated concrete beams. The homes were said to be "cooler in summer, warmer in winter," and as the newspaper ads said: "fireproof, stormproof, termite proof!"

While the house was used by the developers as the model unit for the area, it's unclear if this was the literal first "Superock" home in Tampa. But there aren't many left, as the area only has maybe a half dozen "Superocks" in total.

The 1,843-square-foot home has been updated throughout the years to reflect an Art Moderne style, but still features the original marquetry-scored stained concrete floors, and corner casement windows with original brass cranks. Featuring three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, the home now sports a set of three-panel full-pocket siding doors that connect the indoor and outdoor living areas, an updated kitchen, updated electric, and a recently installed membrane over the concrete roof.

The home is currently asking $472,500, and the listing agent is Rick Fifer of Vintage Homes Realty.

Photos via Zillow.comĀ