Someone bought the ‘Edward Scissorhands’ house in Lutz for $230K


Back in 1990, director Tim Burton filmed his goth classic "Edward Scissorhands" all over the Tampa Bay area, but the majority of the production took place in the northern suburb of Lutz.

Back in August, the Boggs' house, where Edward (played by Johnny Depp) trimmed the hedges to look like dinosaurs and stabbed the waterbed, hit the market for $224,000. The home sold on Sept. 10 for just over $230,378.

Located at 1774 Tinsmith Cir. in the Carpenters Run community, the house features  three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and comes with the original cabinets and countertops from when it was first built in 1989. Sadly, the 1,432-square-foot home no longer has the pastel paint job from the movie, and for very obvious reasons, it does not come with the basement where Bill Boggs (Alan Arkin) kept his private bar.

The listing agent was Stacie Savoy.

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