The smallest house on the market in South Tampa is selling for $300,000


In what is arguably the most symptomatic example of Tampa Bay's insanely furious real estate market, a house that's the size of a roomy garage is now selling for $300,000 in South Tampa.

Located at 4419 W Pearl Ave., the 576-square-foot house is undoubtedly being sold as a teardown, since it sits on a 7,405-square-foot lot in a somewhat centralized area and the property listing doesn't mention a single redeeming feature. But, if you were curious what $300K gets you in South Tampa, as you can see from the photos: two bedrooms, one bathroom and one hell of a shed. 

Low rates and low inventory have fueled an absolutely insane real estate market in Tampa Bay in 2020, and it's not slowing down. Earlier this year, predicted that housing prices in Tampa Bay will likely rise by 7.5% in 2021, which will also cause property taxes to increase if rates stay the same.

So, if you're on the fence about buying a home at the moment, it's probably better to not wait much longer, and if you want a house in this price range that's not going to get bulldozed, it's also probably a good idea to look just slightly north of I-275, where you can get a lot more for $300,000.

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