The tiniest house in Tampa Bay just sold for $100K


The smallest home on the market in Tampa Bay is roughly the size of a moving POD, and it just went for $100,000.

Located at 9380 52nd St. N., Pinellas Park, this 320-square-foot house was sold last Thursday, January 9, and was originally listed for $115,000 back in December.  At the time, the home was the literal smallest house on the market (that wasn't on wheels) and came with just 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and, well,  a porch.

Though the house itself is punishingly small (keep in mind prisoners in Norway literally live in bigger dwellings), the listing did suggest perhaps purchasing this little love shack as an investment rental, or maybe just use the lot as a place to park your boat or camper.

Realistically this will be a teardown.

Since there are currently over 100 homes on the market in Tampa Bay that fall in this same price range (and are considerably larger), the buyer of this home arguably will be more interested in the 1/4 acre lot. After all, compared to other current lot listings in the area, $115K for 11,000-square-feet of green isn't a terrible deal.

The listing agent was Richard Hehl, and the buyer's agent was Phyllis Apone of Apone Realty.

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