This Central Florida estate comes with its own private lake and an airstrip


A massive home with direct access to one of Central Florida's most storied private airstrips is now on the market.

Located at 1048 Strimenos Ln., in Leesburg, the home is owned by Peter Strimenos, who is one of just a small handful of cattle breeders in the country raising rare African Ankole-Watusi cattle, which are known for their distinctive 8-foot long horns.

Like his cattle, Strimenos' 38-acre giant estate is also pretty unique. The home sits within Flying Baron Estates, a famed airstrip often used by celebs like Willie Nelson and Yanni and is also the site where Randy Rhoads, lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot, died in a plane crash in 1982.

Strimenos' estate features multiple buildings, including a 7,828 square-foot main home, a 2,514 square-foot guest house, and a 6,209 square-foot office building. The estate also comes a pool, multiple ponds, a private lake, and two private airplane hangars with a pilot’s lounge and direct access to the 5,000-foot airstrip.

The current asking price is $5,900,000, and the listing agent is Daniel Tatro of Grizzard Commercial Real Estate.

Photos via Zillow