This Florida condo is completely covered in empty beer cans, and it can be yours for $100K


One man's mission to cover his entire condo with empties is now on the market for $100,000.

Located at 4707 Lucerne Lakes Blvd E, Apt 102, in Lake Worth, Florida, listing agent Kristen Kearney says the previous owner, who has since passed away, was a lifelong fan of Budweiser beer. “It was his life’s mission to wallpaper his home in beer cans,” said Kearney to, “and he did it.”

As you can see, besides the bathrooms, the entire two-bedroom home is lined with Buds, even the ceilings and the master closet. There's even Budweiser crown molding. Recently Budweiser took notice, and posted about the condo on their Facebook account, along with the caption "The perfect house doesn't ex–."

Kearny told the listing site that the condo has since received multiple offers.

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