Trump supporters and Dems clash at Joe Biden’s Tampa visit


Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Tampa on Tuesday, speaking with veterans at a private roundtable discussion at Hillsborough Community College. Inside, Biden, who’s hanging onto his polling lead over Trump in Florida, chided the president for disparaging remarks he allegedly made about combat-wounded vets (45 called them “losers,” according to the Atlantic and several other sources).

"President Trump has proven his unfitness to hold the office of the presidency time and again," Biden said in a statement from his campaign. "But nowhere are his faults more glaring—more offensive—than when it comes to his denigration of our service members, veterans, wounded warriors and the fallen."  It makes my blood boil—the way he gets in front of a camera and crows about how much he’s done for our vets and then turns around and insults our service members and fallen heroes when the cameras are off."

Outside, CL photographer Kimberly DeFalco observed Biden and Trump supporters arriving early and setting up camps several yards from each other and at times, clashing. American conservative political commentator and Fox News contributor  Lawrence Jones also surprised Trump supporters by interviewing them and joining them for selfies. —Ray Roa

09/15/2020 | Photos by Kimberly DeFalco